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We provide extensive training in both technical and non-technical skills, catering to students and those transitioning their careers in the IT field. Our customized projects align precisely with client requirements and skill levels, offering Contract2Hire options for permanent hiring.

Training Solutions for All: Bridging Skills in IT

Discover the future of Artificial Intelligence technology where the synergy between human ingenuity and robotics is indispensable. Explore our insights on why collaboration is key for unlocking the full potential of AI, shaping industries, and driving innovation.

Global Scalar provides clients with project-based and contractual resources, alongside Contract2Hire services, offering the option to hire resources permanently upon the conclusion of the project.


Visual representation of contract-to-hire employment model, highlighting a flexible arrangement that starts as a temporary contract with the potential for a permanent position based on performance and mutual agreement
Visual representation of empowering careers, featuring diverse paths, skill development, and opportunities for professional growth and success in various fields.

We provide comprehensive training that includes technical and non-technical skills to our students and experienced professionals looking to transition into IT. These trained individuals are then matched with tailored projects that align with our clients' requirements and complement their specific skill sets.

Empowering Careers

Expert-crafted content for you! Our industry professionals create engaging lessons, sharing real-world insights to boost your learning experience.


Receive personalized mentorship! Our mentors provide direct support, guiding you every step to ensure your success in the learning journey.


Get ready for interviews with our tailored preparation! We equip you with the skills and confidence needed to ace your interviews and land the job you desire


Engage in hands-on learning with real-world projects and assignments. Our practical approach ensures you gain valuable experience for a successful career in IT.


Secure job placements with leading companies through our effective placement assistance. We connect you with top employers, ensuring a smooth transition into your desired career.


Benefit from our extensive industry network, offering personalized guidance and connections to enhance your career opportunities and professional growth.



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