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Cloud Expertise Development

Acquire essential skills in cloud architecture, deployment, security, and management through AWS training, preparing for AWS certification exams and boosting your IT career.


Standard               1 Month

  • Introduction to AWS 

  • AWS Identity and Access Management

  • Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) 

  • Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

  • AWS Lambda and Serverless Computing

  • Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service)

  • AWS CloudFormation 

  • Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) 

  • AWS Cloud Watch and Monitoring

  • AWS Security Best Practices

  • Live Real-Time Project

Visual representation of our Best Content for AWS Live Projects: Immerse yourself in hands-on learning, collaborative environments, and real-world AWS applications. Elevate your skills with industry-focused insights, ensuring a comprehensive skill set for success in cloud computing through our live, hands-on course.

Why Choose Global Scalar


Access exclusive content for a practical and confidential learning experience.


Exclusive Learning Experience

 Align your skills with industry needs through our specialized curriculum.

Skill Alignment with Industry Needs

Join a passionate global technology community and gain a competitive edge through real-world insights and challenges.

Global Community with Real-World Insights

   Elevate your career prospects with hands-on training prepared for industry demands.

Career Elevation through Hands-On Training

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Staying Ahead in the UX Design Landscape

Gain exclusive access to confidential content, offering practical experience and strategic insights to keep you at the forefront of the rapidly evolving AWS landscape.

Acquire skills in AWS cloud architecture, deployment, security, and management for career growth.

Cloud Expertise Development

Prepare for AWS certification exams with comprehensive training programs tailored to advance your IT career.



Gain exclusive access to confidential content providing practical insights and hands-on experience in AWS technologies.

Practical Experience Access

Stay ahead in your career with strategic insights and knowledge to navigate the evolving AWS landscape effectively.

Strategic Career


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