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Robotics Engineering


Dive into the world of robotics through our specialized workshop. From mechanical engineering to computer programming and electronics, explore real-world problem-solving and ethical considerations. Build and program robots with hands-on experience and gain exclusive access to confidential content for a competitive edge in your career.


Standard                               1 Month

  • Introduction to RPA

  • RPA Tools and Environment

  • Process Analysis and Design

  • Bot Development Basics

  • Process Automation Best Practices

  • Integration with Other Technologies

  • Real-world Applications

  • Ethical Considerations in RPA

  • Future Trends and Challenges

  • Live Real-Time Project

Image representation of our Robotics Training: Dive into hands-on learning with cutting-edge robotics technology. Develop practical skills in programming, automation, and innovation. Equip yourself for the future with our comprehensive robotics training program

Why Choose Global Scalar


Access exclusive content for a practical and confidential learning experience.


Exclusive Learning Experience

 Align your skills with industry needs through our specialized curriculum.

Skill Alignment with Industry Needs

Join a passionate global technology community and gain a competitive edge through real-world insights and challenges.

Global Community with Real-World Insights

   Elevate your career prospects with hands-on training prepared for industry demands.

Career Elevation through Hands-On Training

Cream Abstract.jpg

Robotics Mastery Program

Our Robotics Mastery Program is a comprehensive journey into the realm of robotics, encompassing mechanical engineering, programming, and electronics. Participants engage in ethical explorations and real-world problem-solving, with hands-on opportunities to build and program robots. Access to confidential content ensures practical experience, fostering a competitive edge in their careers. Embark on this transformative learning experience and become a robotics expert.

Dive into robotics with comprehensive courses covering construction, programming, and electronics.

Unlock the World of Robotics

Participate in interactive sessions to build and program robots from scratch.

Build and Program


Explore ethical considerations while solving practical challenges, fostering hands-on problem-solving skills.

Real-World Challenges, Real Solutions

Gain exclusive access to confidential content for practical experience and career advancement.

Confidential Content Access

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