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Dot NET Training Excellence

Embark on a journey of comprehensive Dot NET training. From C# programming to ASP.NET web development and SQL Server database management, acquire the skills for application design, development, and deployment. Gain practical experience and career strategies for success.


Standard                            1 Month

  • Introduction/Overview of .Net

  • Visual C#.Net Language

  • .Net Installations/C#.Net

  • Programming Using Visual C#.Net

  • Introduction To Windows  Forms  – I

  • Windows Forms – II

  • Object Oriented Concepts (Basic)

  • Object Oriented Concepts (Implementation Oriented)

  • Live Case Study and Implementation Of ADOT .NET   in N-Tier

Visual representation of our Best Content for Online Live .NET Projects: Immerse yourself in hands-on learning, collaborative virtual environments, and real-world .NET applications. Elevate your skills with practical insights, ensuring a comprehensive skill set for success in .NET development through our live, online projects

Why Choose Global Scalar


Access exclusive content for a practical and confidential learning experience.


Exclusive Learning Experience

 Align your skills with industry needs through our specialized curriculum.

Skill Alignment with Industry Needs

Join a passionate global technology community and gain a competitive edge through real-world insights and challenges.

Global Community with Real-World Insights

   Elevate your career prospects with hands-on training prepared for industry demands.

Career Elevation through Hands-On Training

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.NET Application Development

Unlock the world of software application development with our Dot NET course. From mastering C# programming to web development using ASP.NET and efficient database management with SQL Server, gain the skills needed to design, develop, and deploy cutting-edge applications. Access exclusive content for practical experience and career strategies.

Learn to develop software applications with Microsoft's versatile .NET framework.



Explore ASP.NET for creating dynamic and interactive web applications.

Web Development Mastery

Master C# programming for robust and efficient application development.



Acquire proficiency in SQL Server for effective database management in your applications.

Database Management Skills

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